As a student, you’re asked to make a lot of choices, from declaring a major to choosing a course schedule. But one of the most critical choices made outside the classroom is where to live while attending Washington State University. While there’s no shortage of available apartments in Pullman, WA, there are a number of significant differences among the options. The Retreat at Pullman lists the most common types of housing for WSU students to help you better decide where to live for the best possible college experience.

WSU Housing Options

WSU Residence Halls

While their furnishings and location make dorms appealing for first-year students that want to quickly assimilate into university life, many WSU students, including transfer students and graduate students, prefer living in off campus apartments where there are fewer restrictions and no rules enforced by resident advisors (RAs). In most cases, WSU dorms are designed for utility, not for luxury living. They are modestly furnished with a bed, dresser, and desk, while the bathroom is usually located in the hall and shared by a wing of residents. On-campus amenities, such as on-site parking, as well as the campus library and gym, can quickly become overcrowded as these amenities are shared by all students.

Apartments In Pullman

While it’s not difficult to find off campus apartments for rent in Pullman, apartments that are close to campus are in high demand. If your goal is to live close to campus, your apartment search will quickly become a hunt, and you’ll need to weigh options carefully. One benefit of off campus apartments is a personal freedom that residence halls don’t offer — there are no RAs. Recreation may be hard to come by in apartment communities. While some have fitness centers, pools, or both, amenities are more of the exception than the rule. What’s more, most off campus apartments aren’t furnished, so students must provide furniture.

Houses For Rent In Pullman

Many students prefer the larger square footage and number of bedrooms in homes over apartments because these allow residents to have additional roommates and guests. But if the challenge of furnishing an empty apartment seems daunting, finding enough furniture to make a home livable is even more of a chore. There’s also the headache of figuring out what to do with those beds, couches, and tables when you move. As for amenities, most homes have none, so if working out is your hobby, you’ll need a gym membership. Location may also be a concern for students. Many homes are farther from campus than students are prepared to commute.

Off Campus Apartments Near WSU

The Retreat at Pullman provides residents with a student community featuring brand new, affordable college apartments with multiple layouts complete with luxury apartment features. Each layout is furnished in living rooms and bedrooms, as well as full-size appliances and in-unit washers and dryers. Our apartments near Washington State University are conveniently located just minutes from campus and close to student-favorite destinations for shopping and dining. We also offer a wide range of resort-style student living amenities, each of which is designed to help our residents both achieve success in academics and experience a well-balanced lifestyle throughout their college career.

Pullman Apartments Students Will Love

If you’re looking for Pullman, WA, apartments that are located close to campus and accommodate the demands of modern students, then The Retreat at Pullman is your first choice. Our student living community offers roommate-matching services for each of our 15 apartment layouts — including two-bedroom apartments, three-bedroom apartments, four-bedroom apartments, five-bedroom apartments, and six-bedroom apartments — so residents can live with roommates they like and select their preferred living space. For more information about our off campus apartments or to schedule a property tour, contact us!