Student-Focused Community

A supportive parent-student relationship is associated with higher achievement in the classroom and better odds of enrolling in college, and the crux of this relationship is the home life. Whether your student is moving out of your household or a WSU dorm, it’s reassuring to know they’ll continue to feel supported in their new off campus housing in Pullman, WA. The Retreat at Pullman proudly offers cottage-style apartments in a student-focused community where residents have peer support and feel empowered to pursue their goals and explore their potential.

Furnished Cottages

Under your roof, you have the benefit of knowing what your student’s living conditions are, but that becomes harder once they move out. At The Retreat at Pullman, we strive to give parents that same peace of mind by offering furnished cottages for students. Though many apartments in Pullman are unfurnished and cause tenants live in survival mode, you’ll never have to worry about your student sleeping on a roll-up mattress or cooking ramen on a hotplate here. Quite the opposite, as we furnish our cottages with stylish bedroom and living room furniture, stainless steel appliances, full-size washers and dryers, plus high-speed internet. By providing these essentials to students, they’re able to focus on other matters, like acing their next exam.

Community Amenities

College presents students with many opportunities for achievement, from passing classes to walking away with a degree. But one feat all students should strive to achieve during college is a healthy work-life balance. The Retreat at Pullman has a variety of community amenities, including a swimming pool, fitness center, computer lounge, café, and study rooms, to help residents find their perfect balance of living and learning. Unlimited use of our amenities is included in your student’s monthly housing payment, eliminating the need for gym memberships or splurging on coffee drinks.

Individual Housing Contracts

Not all housing contracts have equally flexible terms. Most off campus apartments in Pullman use a traditional contract where roommates sign the same document and make payments together every month. The problem with these contracts is they create additional financial liability by making students responsible for their roommates’ actions. However, we solved this problem with individual housing contracts. Since each roommate signs a separate contract for their bedroom, there’s no unnecessary financial liability for residents or their cosigners.

Cosigner Arrangements

Many parents offer financial support to their students for college, including helping them pay for off cas houmpusing. In order for a student to be eligible to rent an apartment in Pullman, they must show a certain level of income. (The income requirement may also be satisfied using student loans for off campus living.) If the student doesn’t earn enough money to qualify for housing, they’ll need a cosigner, usually a parent, to sign a contract addendum guaranteeing to cover, or at least assist with paying, the monthly expenses. At The Retreat at Pullman, we regularly work with parents who are cosigners. We also have one of the most convenient cosigning arrangements of any off campus apartments near WSU.

Roommate-Matching Services

It’s a regular habit for parents to monitor with whom their students associate, including taking note of everyone from the friends they bring home in elementary school to the dates they drive home in high school. But now that your student is in college, you also care about who they live with in their student housing near WSU. You’re not alone in having that concern, as students themselves also want to live with friends or like-minded people who are easy to get along with. That’s why The Retreat at Pullman offers free roommate-matching services that pair students based on the lifestyle preferences, hobbies, and interests they share in common.

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